My friend you are not 'just getting old'

I hear this phrase ALL THE TIME and it's so dangerous.

It's the handy get out excuse for everything related to how you feel.

Woke up feeling meh? I'm just getting old.

Got no energy to exercise? I'm just getting old.

Knee hurting when you walk up stairs again? I'm just getting old.

Actually lifting part of your body to move it? I'm just getting old.

These are all recent examples. No my friends you are not.

What you are doing though is starting to take no responsibility whatsoever for how you are feeling.

I get it. You're too busy and it's having an effect.

You're not alone. Most people walk around so busy with all the things that we are doing, all our responsibilities and to dos – that we are largely unaware of our bodies; how they’re moving and how that is making us feel.

This lack of awareness allows bad habits to creep in, especially when thesedays we regularly spend hours on electronics, sitting in offices and watching screens. Did anyone see the horror that is poor Emma this week? Created to look like the office worker of the future, click here to get a bit of shock therapy about where all this is heading.

Add in the other stresses of caring for others and rushing between all our commitments all day long to ensure everything gets done. It's a recipe for a life so full it can end up half-lived.

The effect of these bad habits drips into everything we do. They slow us down, restrict our freedom to move or even worse things becomes painful. But because it’s our normal we don’t notice it. To other people we start to look uncomfortable, less self-assured and less powerful in how we show up in the world. Oh and they might also notice that we have bad posture too. But of course they won't say anything because that might be rude.

A lot of people sum up everything negative about how they're feeling with one blanket phrase.

‘I’m just getting old’

but that’s a convenient untruth.

What’s happening is, you have forgotten how to take charge and be the director of your own body.

All is not lost, you have more knowledge, wisdom, energy and movement inside of you than you currently know about. You just need to know how to wake this up.

I help busy, tired, hardworking people to uncover their natural body wisdom and energy using an entirely natural approach.

Enabling you to step into a new kind of feeling and freedom and to move away from the ‘old’ excuse and with it any resemblance with Emma.

I've been working over the last 2 years to create a range of programmes that work to get you back into alignment and able to show up with more pleasure, power and confidence in all you do. You can check them out here. Please don't settle on age as your excuse.


'You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension'.  



'And you could stop if you knew how. Why not let me show you?'
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