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Your body is brilliant!  


Do you believe me? 


Probably not;  once you get back pain it feels anything but.


Add on top all the things you gotta do in this fast paced world and it starts to feel like a big effort.


I was in your shoes, I had crippling back pain at 27 that continued into my 30's.


Until  I learnt a method that allowed me to step into a whole new phase of my life, that was so much better. 


My mission is to share what I learnt, with busy women whose back pain is getting in the way of the life they were meant for. 


I will teach you how to

  1. have more positive influence over your body

  2. how to manage pain

  3. how to create small changes in how you move that leave you empowered and energised.

  4. how to channel these results into taking action on the things that mean the most in your life. 

  5. how to utilise these tools so you age better than the rest! 


This method will reduce your pain and increase your productivity, leaving you ready to and step you back out into the world and lead the life you were truly meant for.


Living, moving and aging all can and should feel good.   It's time to take action for your brighter future and find your body brilliance.  


The course


  • 10 x 45 minute lessons to watch at your own pace.

  • Weekly zoom movement sessions.

  • Weekly Q&A opportunity.

  • A safe space to share and ask questions about physical pain and it's impact on your life.

  • Before and after photos and videos.

  • An ongoing Whatsapp record of the ideas, principles, examples used in our lessons.

  • Your own learning journal.

  • 3 personalised videos made for you recording how you can embed good Alexander habits into movements you do regularly, such as in your exercising, hobbies, work life.

  • Contact with me, your personal movement coach, at any point during the programme to answer any questions that pop up.   Once we get started you will find you have lots!


Early bird offer for a limited time only,  reserve your space now. 

Online Learning: Body Brilliance, what busy women with back pain need to know

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    'You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension'.  



    'And you could stop if you knew how. Why not let me show you?'
      Helen Ball, AT your best move

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