Ready to move away from a life of pain, restrictions,and that general feeling of 'meh' about how your body is aging, changing and moving? 

Book a Discovery lesson. 

Experience the benefits that The Alexander Technique brings you, how working through touch is both gentle and deep simultaneously and have any of your questions answered about this all natural method.  60 minutes, £60. 


Reserve your place at my half-day workshop, Why Moving Well Changes Everything.

This 3 hour practical workshop will demonstrate why The Alexander Technique works, explain what it is and isn't and will allow you to experience the difference between how you're experiencing life now and how the future you could be experiencing a lighter and more energetic way of life.   3 hours, £20, limited places, book now.  


Join my short course, Move Well, Live Happy.    

My 5 hour short course is held regularly, either over 2 or 3 sessions.  Come along and you'll find your body changing in response to what I teach you and your mind and body getting intrigued and more energised each week. 

                    "After 40 plus years I am now far more aware of my standing position and, after only 3 weeks,

                    have noticed a change in my posture."   Move Well, Live Happy participant, October 2019

5 hours, £39 earlybird book by 11th Nov, £49 full price,  limited places, book now. 

Or accelerate your results with one of my three learning programmes.

Sound Foundations and Less Stress! 

My foundations course will leave you more aware, more confident and more capable to make consistent positive changes everyday.  All our bodies are affected by tension and tension increases with stress in our lives, particularly at busy times.  This programme equips you with knowledge and tools that enable you to start to regain control.  

This programme includes a copy of Body Learning by Michael Gelb, which is a great accompanying guide to accompany and continue your learning.  3 x 50 min lessons, £169. 


Skilled and Up *  

This experience will enable us to go deeper into your body wisdom, looking at all your anatomy over the 6 lessons.  This programme begins with a questionnaire about your lifestyle, I then use this information to design a 6 week programme based on the activities you find yourself regularly doing.   You will finish the course with your own 10 page booklet summarising key lessons as well as 3 training videos made specifically for you.  6 x 50 min lessons £329   


Move Well for Life *

30 lessons is the recommended amount to fully learn this life skill for yourself and have it with you for the rest of your life.  In this programme you’ll have 30 lessons, weekly emails, a customised journal completed during this process documenting and deepening your learning, 6 videos and advice designed just for your body and your habits.   You’ll also receive a free monthly lesson for the 3 months following your course.  This is your one off self-investment for a vastly improved life.  Let me tell you you are absolutely worth the investment.  30 x 40 minute lessons, £1559.


Please contact me anytime for a no pressure conversation about how we could work together.  I am always happy to answer questions.  

* You are welcome to set up a payment plan with me if you would like to book my Alexander Skills or Move Well for Life programmes. 





'You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension'.  



'And you could stop if you knew how. Why not let me show you?'
  Helen Ball, AT your best move

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